PODCAST: The Future of Benefits Technology

The employee benefits space has seen an unprecedented amount of change in the last few years. Rising expenses, increasing regulation, and the increasing role of health and wellness have all brought new challenges to companies offering employee benefits.

But what’s the key to dealing with all this?


Amidst the changing health and regulatory landscape, employers simply must use the right technology platforms to streamline their HR operations. This means automating what you can, getting rid of paper, and engaging your employees both online, and via mobile app.

To learn more, Josh Bland with Technology Advice interviews Nolan Waterfall, partner at SCI & Associates.

The conversation resulted in an info-packed 20 min piece on the future of the benefits space: Subjects include Maxwell Health, HRIS functionality, benefits technology, compliance, and even benefits funding strategies.

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Learn more about the Maxwell Health platform at: http://demo.sciandassociates.com/



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