Our Leadership Team

We’re a group of dedicated employee benefits advisors, who delight in a relational, tech-forward approach to making life easier, and more productove for you and your employees.

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Steve Cosley / Partner

With over 35 years’ experience in group benefits, Steve brings time-tested insight and perspective to each client. While many brokers may look to rate guides or plan designs to address client needs, Steve always begins with the client’s objectives first. Central to this goal is Steve’s deep knowledge of today’s health insurance marketplace. This allows him to objectively determine the solutions of right fit, delivering custom tailored solutions to each client. Once you’ve spoken with Steve, you’ll quickly appreciate his approachability, enthusiasm, and level of care for each and every client he serves.

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Wayne Smith / Partner

As a longstanding broker in the health and life insurance space, Wayne takes every opportunity to serve his clients best interests. In addition to his role as a partner and leader within the company, Wayne takes every opportunity to serve his clients “on the front lines”. From consulting employers on benefits, HR and compliance, to assisting an individual with a Medicare supplement policy, one thing is always true: Wayne brings a patient and diligent approach to every conversation he has, and exercises an unparalleled level of care and service with each client he serves.

Nolan SCI & Associates Employee Benefits
Nolan Waterfall / Partner

As an agent for SCI & Associates, Nolan seeks to serve each client’s needs to the fullest, while providing a truly excellent customer experience. As the regulatory and legislative environment changes, Nolan seeks to leverage product knowledge in group benefits, life insurance, HR and compliance to our clients greatest advantage. The youngest member of SCI, Nolan brings a valuable perspective and energy to the team.


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