Take the Guesswork Out of Compliance

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See What the Best Tools, Resources, and People Can Do for You (At No Cost To You)

We at SCI & Associates provide everything you need to make your business’ human resource (HR) department outstanding. Our company has the tools and resources to help you:

  • Prompt response to your compliance and personnel questions from experts via phone or email.
  • Compose or refine a complete employee handbook.
  • Certified Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Management.

Quick Access to HR professionals (At No Cost To You)

Have a difficult, time-sensitive HR or compliance issue? An answer is only minutes away. With our system, you can just pick up the phone, send a quick email, or chat with a certified HR professional. No more scratching your head when you encounter the unexpected.


Compliance Tools For Employers

In today’s HR and compliance landscape, change is inevitable. Make staying current easy by using our simple checklists and timelines. These are perfect for the HR manager wishing to stay ahead of regulations. Our guides will also help you align your company’s priorities with easily executable goals while sharpening your focus and increasing effectiveness.

  • 1 Certified Sexual Harassment training videos for employees.
  • 2 Create a fully editable company handbook.
  • 3 Ability to create compliant Wrap documents.
  • 4 Personnel training videos for proper procedures to hire, review, and terminate employees.

Your Personalized Online HR Portal

Have a wealth of information for managing your employees at your fingertips. Your custom portal can issue the latest HR and compliance updates in a clean and easy-to-use format. Staying on top of things has never been easier.

HR Forms, Policies, and Checklists

Keep compliant and reinforce your brand with constantly updated HR forms, policies, and checklists. All these are easily available for downloading, customizing, and printing.


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Let us help your company comply with your human resource responsibilities. Reach out to our accommodating team to learn more about how we can help.


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